Filtering webhook events on user

When configuring a webhook, you can set the user_uuid parameter. Doing so makes the webhook being only triggered when events are related to the specified user.

For example, given a webhook on event user_status_update, and user_uuid is set to user A, the webhook will only be triggered when user A changes its presence status, not when user B does.

Supported events

The current list of events that is supported by the user_uuid parameter is:

  • agent_paused
  • agent_status_update
  • agent_unpaused
  • call_created
  • call_ended
  • call_log_user_created
  • call_updated
  • endpoint_status_update
  • favorite_added
  • favorite_deleted
  • relocate_initiated
  • relocate_answered
  • relocate_completed
  • relocate_ended
  • user_status_update
  • user_voicemail_message_created
  • user_voicemail_message_deleted
  • user_voicemail_message_updated
  • users_forwards_busy_updated
  • users_forwards_noanswer_updated
  • users_forwards_unconditional_updated
  • users_services_dnd_updated
  • users_services_incallfilter_updated

Unsupported events will always trigger the webhook, regardless of the related user.