Deprecated Wazo versions

General policy

On January 1st of every year, Wazo/XiVO versions that are more than 4 years old will be considered as deprecated.

Planned deprecation calendar:

Date Deprecated versions
2017-01-01 older than 13.01
2018-01-01 older than 14.01
2019-01-01 older than 15.01
2020-01-01 older than 16.01
2021-01-01 older than 17.01

What does it mean to be in a deprecated version?

  • A deprecated Wazo version does not have a supported upgrade path directly to the latest Wazo version. This means that running a straight wazo-upgrade is not guaranteed to succeed.
  • Asking questions about a deprecated version (e.g. on the forum) will probably get the following answer: “get a newer version first, then come back and ask your question”.
  • Binaries (ISO images, CTI clients) for deprecated versions are not available for download.

Why are versions being deprecated?

  • Hosting the binaries of older versions is costly and mostly useless: most people install the latest version of Wazo, and the very few cases where an old binary is needed is not worth the cost.
  • Maintaining the upgrade machinery for older versions is time-consuming for developers: the more versions are supported by the upgrade, the more cases there are to handle; more cases make the code harder to read, understand and modify, bugs become more probable and the latest upgrades are more difficult to write.
  • There are very few Wazo installed with older versions, as far as we can tell: all software should be upgraded frequently and Wazo is no exception. We consider 4 years to be a reasonable time range to upgrade at least once an IPBX. We do not want to hinder development for the very few who did not take the time to upgrade.

I have a deprecated version. What are my options?

There are two main options:

  • upgrade to a Wazo version that is more recent, but not the latest: you can use the procedures listed in Upgrade involving archive version of XiVO.
  • install a new server with the latest Wazo version, and reproduce your configuration by using the export/import features of Wazo and copying files