Agent Status Dashboard


The goal of the agent status dashboard xlet is to give contact center supervisors a better overview of agent status evolution in active queues.



The xlet is read-only and presents a list of queues. For each queue, the xlet displays a status box for each logged in agent. Each status box gives the following information:

  • Agent name
  • Agent status: Shows the agent’s status. An agent can have six statuses:
    • Not in use when he is ready to answer an ACD call
    • Int. Incoming when he answered an internal call not from a queue
    • Int. Outgoing when he emitted an internal call not from a queue
    • Ext. Incoming when he answered an external call not from a queue
    • Ext. Outgoing when he emitted an external call not from a queue
    • In use when he is either on call a from a queue, on pause or on wrapup
  • Agent status since: Shows the time spent in the current status
  • Background color:
    • green if Not in use
    • purple if Int. Incoming or Int. Outgoing
    • pink if Ext. Incoming or Ext. Outgoing
    • orange if In use

Note that the agent status will only change when the communication is established, not when phones are ringing.

Known bugs

  1. If an agent emits a call via his XiVO Client, the status will change to Int. Outgoing or Ext. Outgoing when the destination phone rings, instead of when the destination answers.

    • Given the agent is on an ACD call
    • When the agent logs out
    • When the agent hangs up the ACD call
    • When the agent logs back in via CTI Client
    • Then the agent may be seen as outgoing non-ACD communication, whether there is a non-ACD communication or not

    To make the agent Not in use again, make a non-ACD call and hangup.

    • Given the agent is on ACD call
    • When the agent calls someone else (e.g. his supervisor)
    • When the ACD call hangs up (while the agent talks to his supervisor)
    • Then the agent is seen as available, instead of in outgoing non-ACD communication.

    This applies to all kinds of non-ACD calls.

Changing the disposition

The disposition of the Xlet can be changed in two ways:

  • Placement of queues
  • Which queues are displayed

The disposition is saved whenever the XiVO Client is closed and restored when it is opened again.

Changing the placement of queues

The little windows containing each queue can be resized and moved around. That way, any layout can be achieved, according to the size and importance of each queue.

Choosing which queues are displayed

There is a little contextual menu when right-clicking on the title bar of every queue window. Checking/unchecking the lines of this menu shows/hides the associated queue.


Known issues

  • There is no profile containing this xlet. The profile must be created manually.
  • There is no sorting on agents in a queue.
  • An empty queue will display an empty box with no message specifying the queue has no logged agents.


No special configuration is necessary other than creating a CTI profile in which the Agent Status Dashboard is added.