People Xlet


The People XLet lists the people of your company and personal contacts, giving you access to their phone, status and other information configured by the administrator.

  1. Display results of the search
  2. Display favorite contacts
  3. Search contacts
  4. Call a contact
  5. Transfer a call to a contact
  6. Transfer a call to a contact’s voicemail
  7. Chat with a contact
  8. Send an email to a contact
  9. Bookmark/unmark the contact as a favorite
  1. View all personal contacts
  2. Edit or remove a personal contact
  3. Create a personal contact
  4. Import personal contacts from a CSV file
  5. Export personal contacts to a CSV file
  6. Delete all personal contacts
  1. XiVO Client status (see Presence Option)
  2. Phone status (see Services ‣ CTI Server ‣ Status ‣ Phone hints page)
  3. Agent status (logged in or logged out)


Most information (e.g. columns displayed, allowed actions, searched directories, etc.) is configurable through the web interface.

Importing contacts via CSV file

Imported files should have the following structure:

  • The field order is not important.
  • The file must be encoded in UTF-8.
  • Invalid lines of the CSV file will be skipped and an error will be displayed in the import report.

Exporting contacts via CSV file

The file has the same structure as the import file, with a supplementary field: id, which is the internal contact ID from Wazo.

  • The first line (the list of field names) is ordered in alphabetical order.
  • The file will be encoded in UTF-8.

Copying the number or email address

It is possible to copy a contact’s number or email address to the system’s clipboard. To do so, right click on a contact’s action menu and select the value you wish to copy.


When using a mac without a right mouse button use ctrl-Left click to show the copy menu.