Directory Xlet



This xlet should only be used with a Switchboard profile. It is not meant to be used alone.

The goal of the directory xlet is to allow the user to search through Wazo users, directory entries and arbitrary numbers to be able to call and transfer calls to these destinations.



The list of entries in the xlet is searched using the top field. Entries are filtered by column content. The entry list will initially appear as empty.

If the current search term is a valid number, it will be displayed in the result list with no name to allow transfer to numbers that are not currently in the phonebook or configured on the Wazo.


  • Users available user_available
  • Users ringing user_ringing
  • Users talking user_talking
  • Users user
  • Mobile phone mobile
  • External contacts external
  • Current search (not a contact) current_search


Phonebook searches are triggered after the user has entered 3 characters. Results from remote directories will appear after 1 second.

If a directory entry as the same number as a mobile or a phone configured on the Wazo, it’s extra columns will be added to the corresponding entry instead of creating a new line in the search result.

For example:

If User 1 has number 1000 and is also in a configured LDAP with a location in “Québec”, if the display filter contains the Location column, the entry for User 1 will show “Québec” in the Location column after the search results are received.



The directory xlet needs a special context named __switchboard_directory. In Services ‣ IPBX ‣ IPBX configuration ‣ Contexts add a new context with the following parameters :

  • Name : __switchboard_directory
  • Type of context : Other
  • Display name : Switchboard

Display filter

A new display filter must be created for the directory xlet.


The following fields must be configured with the correct value for the Field type column in order for entries to be displayed in the xlet:

  1. status is the column that will be used to display the status icon, the title can be empty
  2. name is displayed in the Name column of the xlet
  3. number_office is displayed in the Number column with a phone icon in the xlet
  4. number_mobile is displayed in the Number column with a mobile icon in the xlet
  5. number_... any other field starting with number_ will be displayed in the Number column of the xlet with a generic directory icon
  6. Any other field will be displayed in their own column of the directory xlet

The values in the Field name column must contain values that were created in the Directory definition.

The title used for the Number column is the title of the first field whose type starts with number_.


The field title of the first number column will be used for the header title in the xlet.


Make sure that the fields entered in the display format are also available in the directory definition, otherwise the filter will not return any results

Context and filter association

The new Display filter has to be assigned to the __switchboard_directory context


You can then choose which directories will be searched by the Xlet.


You must not select internal directory, as it is already handled.