XiVO dird internal phonebook

This type of directory source is the internal phonebook of XiVO dird. The URI field is used to connect to the xivo-dird database.

This directory type matches the dird_phonebook backend in xivo-dird.


Adding a source


Configuration ‣ Management ‣ Directories

URI : The URI to connect to the xivo-dird database

Tenant : Name of the tenant, the entity is used in the default configuration

Phonebook : Name of the phonebook to use

Configuring available fields


Services ‣ CTI Server ‣ Directories ‣ Definitions

Name : Name of this source

Direct match : Fields to match when doing a lookup

Match reverse directories : Fields to match when doing a reverse lookup

Mapped fields : Add fields to be compatible with a configured display

Adding the source to a profile


Services ‣ CTI Server ‣ Directories ‣ Direct directories

Directories : Add the new directory source to the profile