Building the Wazo Client on Windows platforms

This page explains how to build an executable of the Wazo Client from its sources for Windows.

Windows Prerequisites


Cygwin Web site

Click the “setup” link and execute.

During the installer, check the package:

  • Devel > git


You need the development files of the Qt 5 library, available on the Qt website. The currently supported Qt version is 5.5.0.

NSIS (installer only)

You will only need NSIS installed if you want to create an installer for the Wazo Client.

NSIS download page

During the installer, choose the full installation.

The Wazo Client NSIS script file uses two plug-ins:

For each plug-in, download and extract the plug-in and place:

  • the DLL from /Plugins in the NSIS/Plugins directory
  • the .nsh from /Include in the NSIS/Include directory

Get sources

In a Cygwin shell:

git clone git://
cd wazo-client-qt
touch wazoclient/qt-solutions/qtsingleapplication/src/{QtSingleApplication,QtLockedFile}


Path configuration

You must change the values in C:\Cygwin\home\user\wazo-client-qt\build-deps to match the paths of your installed programs. You must use an editor capable of understanding Unix end of lines, such as Notepad++.

Replace C:\ with /cygdrive/c and backslashes (\) with slashes (/). You must respect the case of the directory names. Paths containing spaces must be enclosed in double quotes (").

For example, if you installed NSIS in C:\Program Files (x86)\nsis, you should write:

WIN_NSIS_PATH="/cygdrive/c/Program files (x86)/nsis"


In a Cygwin shell:

source build-deps

mingw32-make SHELL=

Binaries are available in the bin directory.

The version of the executable is taken from the git describe command.


You can launch the built executable with:

source build_deps
PATH=$WIN_QT_PATH/bin:$PATH bin/wazoclient


To create the installer:

mingw32-make pack

This will result in a .exe file in the current directory.

Build options

To add a console:

qmake CONFIG+=console

To generate debug symbols:

mingw32-make SHELL= DEBUG=yes


mingw32-make distclean