Adding a Migration Script

Strating with XiVO 14.08, the database migration is handled by alembic.

The Wazo migration scripts can be found in the xivo-manage-db repository.

On a XiVO, they are located in the /usr/share/xivo-manage-db directory.

To add a new migration script from your developer machine, go into the root directory of the xivo-manage-db repository. There should be an alembic.ini file in this directory. You can then use the following command to create a new migration script:

alembic revision -m "<description>"

This will create a file in the alembic/versions directory, which you’ll have to edit.

When the migration scripts are executed, they use a connection to the database with the role/user asterisk. This means that new objects that are created in the migration scripts will be owned by the asterisk role and it is thus not necessary (nor recommended) to explicitly grant access to objects to the asterisk role (i.e. no “GRANT ALL” command after a “CREATE TABLE” command).