Post Installation

Here are a few configuration options that are commonly changed once the installation is completed. Please note that these changes are optional.

Display called name on internal calls

When you call internally another phone of the system you would like your phone to display the name of the called person (instead of the dialed number only). To achieve this you must change the following SIP options:

  • Services ‣ IPBX ‣ General settings ‣ SIP Protocol ‣ Default:

    • Trust the Remote-Party-ID: yes,
    • Send the Remote-Party-ID: select PAI

Incoming caller number display

The caller ID number on incoming calls depends on what is sent by your operator. You can modify it via the file /etc/xivo/asterisk/xivo_in_callerid.conf.


The reverse directory lookup use the caller ID number after it has been modified by xivo_in_callerid.conf


  • If you use a prefix to dial outgoing numbers (like a 0) you should add a 0 to all the add = sections,

  • You may want to display incoming numbers in E.164 format. For example, you can change the [national1] section to:

    callerid = ^0[1-9]\d{8}$
    strip = 1
    add = +33

To enable the changes you have to restart xivo-agid:

service xivo-agid restart

Time and date

  • Configure your locale and default time zone device template => Configuration ‣ Provisioning ‣ Template Device by editing the default template

  • Configure the timezone in => Services ‣ IPBX ‣ General settings ‣ Advanced ‣ Timezone

  • If needed, reconfigure your timezone for the system:

    dpkg-reconfigure tzdata


You should also select default codecs. It obviously depends on the telco links, the country, the phones, the usage, etc. Here is a typical example for Europe (the main goal in this example is to select only G.711 A-Law instead of both G.711 A-Law and G.711 µ-Law by default):

  • SIP : Services ‣ IPBX ‣ General settings ‣ SIP Protocol ‣ Signaling:

    • Customize codec : enabled

    • Codec list:

      G.711 A-Law
  • IAX2 : Services ‣ IPBX ‣ General settings ‣ IAX Protocol ‣ Default:

    • Customize : enabled

    • Codec list:

      G.711 A-Law