The Services/Graphics section gives a historical overview of a Wazo system’s activity based on snapshots recorded every 5 minutes. Graphics are available for the following resources :

  • CPU
  • Entropy
  • Interruptions
  • IRQ Stats
  • System Load
  • Memory Usage
  • Open Files
  • Open Inodes
  • Swap Usage

Each section is presented as a series of 4 graphics : daily, weekly, monthly and yearly history. Each graphic can be clicked on to zoom. All information presented is read only.



Missing graphs


  • daily graphs are missing
  • weekly/monthly/yearly graphs stop updating
  • a mail is sent from cron every 5 minutes about a “bad magic number”


  • the machine was forcefully stopped, while munin (responsible for the graphs) was running, resulting in a file corruption


  • Run the following command:

    rm /var/lib/munin/htmlconf.storable /var/lib/munin/limits.storable
  • The graphs will be restored on the next run of munin, in the next 5 minutes.