Group Pickup

Pickup groups allow users to intercept calls directed towards other users of the group. This is done either by dialing a special extension or by pressing a function key.

Quick Summary

In order to be able to use group pickup you have to:
  • Create a pickup group
  • Enable an extension to intercept calls
  • Add a function key to interceptors

Creating a Pickup Group

  • POST /callpickups
  • POST /callpickups/{callpickup_id}/interceptors/groups
  • POST /callpickups/{callpickup_id}/interceptors/users
  • POST /callpickups/{callpickup_id}/targets/groups
  • POST /callpickups/{callpickup_id}/targets/users

Enabling an Interception Extension

The pickup extension can be defined with:

  • /asterisk/features/general endpoint and the option key pickupexten

The default value for group pickup is *8.


The directed pickup extension must be enabled when a function key is used.

If you decide to not use a directed pickup extension, only *8 alone will work (without specifying the extension to pickup). In this case, you must have at least a pickup group with the targets and interceptors you want for the interception to work. This will also make it impossible for the function keys to work. See Directed Pickup for more information.

Adding a Function Key to an Interceptor

Assign a function to an interceptor of type pickup