General Configuration

You can configure incoming calls with /incalls endpoints.

DID Configuration

When a “+” character is prepended a called DID, the “+” character is discarded.


Bob has a DID with number 1000. Alice can call Bob by dialing either 1000 or +1000, without configuring another DID.


There are no interface to set a blacklist, but you can build if by hand.

  • You need a preprocess subroutine on the incall with the following dialplan:

    exten = s,1,GotoIf(${BLACKLIST()}?blacklisted)
    same = n,Return()
    same = n(blacklisted),Playback(no-user-find)
    same = n,Hangup()
  • Do a dialplan reload in the Asterisk CLI to load the new dialplan

You can manage the blacklist in the Asterisk CLI

  • To add extension:

    *CLI> database put blacklist <extension> "<description (e.g. reason)>"
  • To remove extension:

    *CLI> database del blacklist <extension>