Voicemail Configuration.

General Configuration

The global voicemail configuration is provided by /asterisk/voicemail endpoints

To customize the email sent when a voicemail is received, you can use a few variables. The complete list is available on the Asterisk wiki.

Deleting a voicemail

  • Deleting a voicemail is irreversible. It deletes all messages associated with that voicemail.
  • If the voicemail contains messages, the message waiting indication on the phone will not be deactivated until the next phone reboot.

Disable password checking

Unchecking the option ask_password field allows you to skip password checking for the voicemail only when it is consulted from an internal context.

  • when calling the voicemail with *98
  • when calling the voicemail with *99<voicemail number>


If the the *99 extension is enabled and a user does not have a password on its voicemail, anyone from the same context will be able to listen to its messages, change its password and greeting messages.


For security reasons, an incoming call with {"destination": {"appplication: "voicemail"} with the same context as the voicemail should be avoided if a voicemail has no password.

Advanced configuration

Remote wazo-confd

If wazo-confd is on a remote host, wazo-confd-client configuration will be required to be able to change the voicemail passwords using a phone.

This configuration should be done:

mkdir -p /etc/systemd/system/asterisk.service.d
cat >/etc/systemd/system/asterisk.service.d/remote-confd-voicemail.conf <<EOF
systemctl daemon-reload