Enabling Chan Dahdi

chan_dahdi is not enabled on a normal UC engine installation. This page describes the steps that are required to enable that functionnality within Asterisk

Install the required dependencies

The required dependencies to use dahdi are not installed on a UC engine at the moment of the installation. If you wish to use dahdi on your system you will have to install the wazo-asterisk-extra-modules package which depends on many shared libraries that are not used by the default Wazo configuration:

apt update
apt install wazo-asterisk-extra-modules

Add chan_dahdi.so to /etc/asterisk/modules.conf

The modules.conf file is auto-generated by wazo-confgend. To add chan_dahdi.so the the modules.conf file use the following commands:

echo<<EOF >/etc/wazo-confgend/conf.d/chan_dahdi.yml
  chan_dahdi.so: true
systemctl restart wazo-confgend.service